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Whether you are looking for a solar panel or roofing services to your home or business,

Dec 24

Whether you are looking for a solar panel or roofing services for your home or business,

Solar Sacramento is just one of many Sacramento-based solar power companies. Solar Sacramento is a local company with a strong reputation for excellent customer service and expert panel installation.

Solar Sacramento is Bay Area’s leading solar power company. Our customer service and technical expertise are second to none. Solar Sacramento installs and roofs everything on its own, unlike other solar energy providers that outsource the work to local contractors. You'll still benefit from our expertise. You can choose from:

  • Residential solar - Our residential clients approach us with a variety of goals. These could be energy independence, monthly savings, transition to solar power, or saving on their monthly electric bill. We collaborate with our clients in order to build a custom-made solar system that will help them reach their goals. Get an instant solar cost estimate today!
  • The obvious savings associated with solar power are driving more Sacramento businesses to switch to it. Our team will help you increase your bottom line, while also promoting your company's environmental responsibility.
  • Solar battery storage We believe that clients who want to be "off the grid" can benefit from investing in solar battery storage. Solar Sacramento offers a free guide to help you understand the importance of battery storage in any solar system.
  • Roofing Our roofing division Rockin' roofers is one the best in Sacramento. Their roofing services include weatherproofing as well as dry rot removal and total roof replacement. Rockin' Roofers provides all the necessary roofing services for our solar clients. But, their roofing service is open to all and not just solar.
  • Products Solar Sacramento will only use the finest quality products for your custom-built system. We use only the best products available from the top solar energy providers.



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