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Whether you need a roofer or a battery to power your solar system, we can help.

Dec 24

Whether you need a roofer or a battery to power your solar system, we can help.

Solar Sacramento is among the many solar power providers in Sacramento. We stand out for many reasons. We have a great reputation for customer service excellence and expert solar panel installations.

Solar Sacramento is Bay Area's best-known solar power company. It is not only because of our excellent customer service and technical knowledge but also because we offer in-house solar services. Solar Sacramento takes care of everything from roofing to installation, unlike many other solar energy companies that outsource it to local contractors. These are our solar services

  • Residential sun: Our residential clientele come to us with various goals. We work together with our clients and create a custom system to help them achieve their goals. Get an instant solar cost estimate today!
  • Commercial Solar: Sacramento businesses continue to make the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy due to the obvious cost savings. Our team of experts will help to boost your bottom line as well as your company's commitment to the environment.
  • The importance of solar battery storage for energy independence: For those who truly desire to live off-the-grid, we recommend that they make an investment in solar storage. Solar Sacramento's free Solar Sacramento report will explain why battery storage makes sense.
  • We are one of the largest roofing companies in Sacramento, Rockin'Roofing. Their roofing services include weatherproofing. Dry rot removal. And complete roof replacement. Rockin’ Roofers offers all roofing services necessary for our solar clients. However, their roofing services are available to anyone.
  • Products Solar Sacramento utilizes only the highest-quality products when building your custom system. Solar Sacramento only uses top-quality products from leading solar energy providers.

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