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Solar Panel Phoenix

Feb 7

Solar Panel Phoenix, or renewable energy, has grown in popularity and importance over the years. The priority is solar power. One trend that will be obvious in 2022 is the declining importance of geography in determining if a state is a leader in solar power.

The Solar Energy Industries Association publishes quarterly rankings of the strength of each state's sun-related industries to help you determine which states are leading in the race for solar energy.



California's Golden State consistently ranks high on U.S. state rankings that excel in solar power. California has nearly 300 sunny or partially sunny days each year. California became the first state to embrace solar power in 1976, when it passed laws encouraging green electricity.

California's 25% solar-powered electricity comes from solar energy. In addition to tax incentives for solar panel owners, and exemptions from taxes on property, the state has invested more than $73 million in solar technology. My area is home to more than 2,000 solar companies. Solar energy is also used by more than 8 million homes.


Texas is also a leading state in solar energy production and installations.

The Lone Star State has a solar energy investment of over $14 billion. The state also boasts more than 1,000,000 solar-powered homes. Texas has already increased its solar capacity by 1,525 megawatts in 2022. This is 45% more than 2020's total capacity.

Texas only gets 2.8% of its electricity through solar power. Texas is however the country's leader in residential solar panels.


While North Carolina is not the most obvious state when it comes to solar power in America (it's a mid-Atlantic country), it is not the least. Because of its sunshine and generous exemptions, it is still ranked third.

North Carolina can obtain 8.5% of its electricity through sunlight. This is higher than Texas and Florida. North Carolina's Solar Property Tax Exemption policy provides a significant income credit to encourage residents to harness solar power in record numbers.

North Carolina has more than 800,000. It also boasts investments in solar energy worth over $10 billion.


With a name like Sunshine State, it's no surprise that Florida is one the most solar-friendly states in America.

The $10.5 billion state investment in solar energy technology and solar energy is the total. About 4% of the state’s electricity is generated by solar. More than 900,000. Solar power is a source of electricity.

Florida's solar power capacity increased by 525 Megawatts in 2022, 19.5% more than 2020 and 7% more than its total capacity. Florida's cumulative solar power has nearly doubled in just one year.


With a total $14.3 billion in solar energy investments, Arizona ranks second in the nation. Arizona's investment in solar power is paying off. Nearly 8.5% of the electricity it generates comes from solar panels mesa.

Arizona is home of 306 solar companies. These include 57 manufacturers and the 144 installers. There are also 105 additional labels. These companies provide more than 7,000 jobs for the solar industry.