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Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

May 23

About Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

The Bogey Hole is a must-see attraction on the Newcastle coastline. It's impressive at full flight, or in moments of calm when you can take your time to enjoy this Instagram-worthy pool next time we are visiting King Edward Park! Bogey Hole pool, located in King Edward Park. The oceanfront property was hand-hewed out by convicts to Major James Morisset for his private use and it's believed that this work represented an enlargement of naturally occurring pools used prior by Aboriginal people  Archaeologically speaking though we can't be certain because there aren’t any written records from those times!

The place has been listed on the NSW State Heritage Register for its importance in Australian history. It is potentially one of only a few examples around Australia that are purpose-built ocean swimming pools and may also have national significance as they could be even older than other well known historical sites like Uluru / Ayres Rock which was first visited by British Expeditionary on their way to 1770s penal colony settlement at Sydney Cove.

Hole pool

What to do in Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

From the moment you see it, your first reaction will be to stop and stare. The Bogey Hole is unlike any other natural phenomenon- literally carved out of the rock by nature herself in an act that seems almost impossible not only for its sheer creativity but also because so much time was invested into creating something this amazing! And when I say "created," think more along those lines... In addition to being intrigued by how shocked we are at what our eyes behold before us--because who wouldn't want their picture taken here? --there's another aspect about these images which makes them even better: They're interactive.

When you swim in the Newcastle Bogey Hole, it feels like you are swimming underwater. The waves wash across and crash nearby constantly reminding us that we're not actually an ocean away from home; however, there is no lifeguard so be careful!
The bottom of this hidden gem has been smoothened by years worth of sand deposits which gives way to refreshing water right up until when visibility ends due oy thick layers upon layer of salt Companion planting will help create more natural shade

Bogey hole

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Newcastle Solar Power

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