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Merewether Beach

May 24

About Merewether Beach

Merewether is a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales with an area stretching 3 km (2 mi) and located just minutes away from the city's center. The population size has been estimated at 11 thousand people living in this community that lies on Australia’s Pacific Ocean coastline!

The beachfront club sits on slopes overlooking the ocean and is backed by Memorial Drive. Located in the centre of this bustling community are two parts: one that houses Dixon Park (NSW 245b) with its scenic views as well as long stretch beaches accessible via stairs or elevator from shoreline homes; another which includes Merewether Beach(245c). Surrounding these assets lies an inner Newcastle suburb full of streets lined up side-toed along stapled avenues where residents enjoy relative isolation while still being close enough to frequent stores near their house like Target Center shopping mall.

merewether Beach

What to do in Merewether Beach

Swimming is a popular but potentially hazardous activity at this beach, due to the prevalent rip currents that flow through it. The three surf clubs spend countless hours each year performing rescue operations and they're always on watch for anyone who might get caught in one of these dangerous waters! So please take care when you enter into its treacherous turmoil-- swim between flags or stay out pretty far if unsure about what's going down there (rips!).

This is the perfect spot for those looking to get their adrenaline pumping. The Merewether Beach offers some of Australia's best surfing, with four times world champion Mark Richards' home ground and site international contests! You'll find good breaks on both outer bars during moderate swells or when it gets bigger - take your pick between The Ladies reef at Noosa Heads which produces great rights up until 3 meters (10 feet) tall but only supports waves measuring 5 m+, or Brain Empires rock-solid right across town where even huge storms won’t dent this bad boy much past 8+.

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One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Newcastle Solar Power

Address: 175 Grinsell St, Kotara, NSW 2289

Telephone: (02) 4003 6437