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Redhead Beach

May 25

About Redhead Beach

The stunning Redhead Beach is at the northern end of a nine-mile stretch that's known for its natural beauty, including cliffs and rocks with views across to Tower Rock. It features lifeguards in the summer months - when it gets too hot there are plenty of Trees along boardwalks leading down into water-rated 17 degrees celsius (63F).

The first thing you notice when stepping on the sand at Redhead Beach is how huge and impressive that rock wall looks. It’s quite an incredible site because it's so steep!

From the dunes to beautiful beaches, Redhead Beach is a perfect destination for vacationers. The 7 miles / 11 km stretch of sand includes both public and private areas that can be reserved through various agencies including Belmont Wetlands State Park where there are two designated swimming spots with excellent water quality!



What to do in Redhead Beach

The breathtaking view of nature at Redhead Beach is worth more than just its beauty. The pristine cliffs and rocky outcrops make for an interesting backdrop to the waves that regularly roll in from all directions, ensuring you'll never be bored when swimming or fishing here! Plus there are plenty of things to do on land: You can visit one if Australia’s only surf lifesaving clubs (it has over 800 members!), watch wild dingos eat grasshoppers like they're going outta style – then maybe take home some fresh-caught seafood as well.

The Redhead Beach at the northern end of Nine Mile Beach is a popular surfing and swimming spot near Newcastle. It’s patrolled from September to October during school holidays when it becomes an ideal venue for enthusiasts who enjoy perfect waters with powerful waves that never get too rough or dangerous, despite how large they may seem!


Beach Redhead

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Newcastle Solar Power

Address: 175 Grinsell St, Kotara, NSW 2289

Telephone: (02) 4003 6437