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Solar Panels Bakersfield CA | Commercial Installation

Jul 21

When running a successful business, and efficient energy plan forms the basis of all successful operations. Your business is only as good as its everyday functions. For commercial sectors, the importance of commercial solar panels doubles compared to residential areas. It is especially true if the business operates in areas that lack grid facilitated electricity. Furthermore, price hikes in utility bills affect businesses on a much greater scale than residential areas. The electricity bills are significantly higher than those of a residential area. For businesses, the need for energy independence cannot be over-emphasized. Therefore, shifting to solar is not just a luxury; it has become necessary. We offer a range of solar energy solutions in Bakersfield for our commercial clients. Apart from pricing flexibility, we also facilitate different plans for various requirements.


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A Wide Range of Commercial Options

To offer convenience to all our clients, we provide you with a range of commercial options to choose from. Businesses need a lot of customized plans, and our staff is more than happy to provide you with whatever suits your requirements the best. Among all the options, we opt for the following plans for your solar panel installation.

Roof Mounts

Roof mounts are the most common type of installation that uses the building’s roof for leveraging the sun and producing electricity.
Depending on the size of the rooftop and your requirements, our staff will provide you with suitable roof mount options.


Ground Mounts

: Some businesses have better ground installation results than the rooftop. A wider area is available, and the sun shines directly on the land. Depending on your requirements, a ground mount might be better than a roof mount.


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Parking Lots

A few businesses in Bakersfield are quite smart in utilizing the sun’s power differently. Apart from rooftops and ground mounts, some businesses also utilize their parking spots for various purposes. The solar panel installation in the parking lot is similar to the ground.


Customized Installation

As per your requirements, we can install solar panels in another area that receives good sunlight. Our client’s requirements are most important to us. However, please remember that our solar experts suggest based on the maximum output plan, which may differ from what you have in mind. It doesn’t mean that we want to divert from your plans. It just means that we are looking out for you.


Industrial Grade Solar Panels

Depending on your requirement, we provide some of the best solar companies in Bakersfield. The solar panels we mount are of the highest industrial grade and often utilized for commercial scale. It is important to note that we have a variety of Bakersfield solar panels, and depending on your requirement, we will suggest what is best for you. We also take your financial requirements into account, along with your energy plan.


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