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Solar Panels Bakersfield CA | Residential Installation

Jul 21

Residential Installation

We are on a mission to ensure that homes achieve the energy independence they are looking for through our solar energy solutions in Bakersfield. Modern technology makes it possible to derive all your power from the sun and not let utility bills overwhelm you.
We will provide you with a decent array of financial options and the proper installation guides so that you can choose the best option available. While our experts will always suggest the best suitable option for your requirements, it is ultimately your decision.


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Efficient Solar Energy Panels

We provide you with some of the most efficient solar energy panels in Bakersfield, which provide you with a decent amount of electricity by using sunlight. Our solar solutions will cut your billing costs in half and maximize your utility bill savings.


Proper Solar Monitoring Systems

We make sure that our customers know how their investment is benefitting them. Our solar monitoring systems are quite efficient at recording and capturing solar data. We also educate our clients to observe the data and understand their investment’s benefits.


Achieve Financial Independence

If done correctly, the efficient solar panels will allow the residents of a place to achieve full financial independence from the utilities. Some of our solar residential clients have reported not receiving the bills for quite some time. They were able to achieve financial independence within a few years. Sometimes, you can profit off the extra energy by sending it back to the utilities. Being free financially can relieve you of a lot of burdens.


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Appealing and Robust Panels

The Bakersfield solar panels we install are very robust and can withstand various harsh climates. Our panels are engineered to perform at their best, no matter the conditions. These solar panels will be your companion for many years and will continue to operate efficiently. We also take great care in ensuring aesthetics. Gone are the days when solar panels had to be massive ad ugly. Now, there are many solar panels available in the market which can suit your roof style and result in the same output. Our professional staff also ensures that there are no conduits or wires visible after the installation possible. The solar panels will look quite appealing according to your roof style.

Flexible Financing Options

Your comfort and preference are our priority. We cover a wide range of financing options suitable for your budgeting plans. We care greatly for our customers, so we want you to be satisfied when you come to us. Our wide array of financial plans is quite economical and easy to choose from.


A Wide Variety of Installation Sections

We cover a wide variety of installation sections. Whether you want to install solar panels on the roof or need ground mounts, our solar panel installation company can install them for you. Our solar panels also come with an extended warranty and are supported by our company’s guarantees.


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