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Questions to Ask Before Going Solar 

Aug 21


Once you have done your research and determined that solar power is the right option for you, you can start to contact the top solar companies in your area. After a thorough inspection of your home, including any obstructions, they will give you an estimate. This will include how many panels you'll need, their cost and the time it will take to pay them off.

You'll probably have many questions at this point. Here's where we come in.

This article is a guide for all questions that you need to ask any solar company before they drill into your roof. You can be sure that the company you choose can answer your questions to your satisfaction. Now, get ready to bask in the sun!

Why go solar? 

It is not a decision made on impulse. Installation and purchase of solar panels is a major expenses for homeowners. It is important to decide if solar energy is right for you. Solar energy allows you to control your power consumption and save money. It increases your property's value, reduces carbon footprint, and promotes overall renewable energies. 

Based on local and government policies, homeowners in certain areas may be eligible to receive excess energy from their solar panels.

These benefits are not all that important. You should also take into account factors like how much sunlight your roof gets each day and the cost of electricity in your region.

Solar panel installation cost 

It is important to remember that solar power is not completely free. However, this will help you plan financially and be practical. The costs of solar power depend on many factors, including wattage, power output and cost of installation.

The expenses can range from a few hundred to more than 20,000.

It is important to evaluate the power consumption and electricity bill as a first step. Then, analyze the costs and benefits to see if it is worthwhile to pursue the project.

Installation process

These questions concern the entire process. Good installers will be able to provide a timeline and then commit to it. Some things are within their control like the initial start dates. Others are out of their hands like scheduling inspections from utility companies and permitting timelines before they get final permission to operate (PTO). For more purposes, you can also read out our complete solar installation guide.  

It can take between two and six months to complete the entire process. Installers must conduct a site inspection, submit a design for the system to the local authority, obtain a permit, schedule installation, inspect the work, and then get final permission to connect and operate the system on the grid.

They should be transparent with you about this process and how they have worked with your utility companies in the past. 

How often should solar panels be maintained? 

Solar panels require only a once-per-year cleaning and inspection. It is easy to access during solar panel maintenance. As long as the panels work properly, you won't have to do any extra maintenance.