April 22 – Despite the longstanding sustainability of East Penn Manufacturing Co. Inc., consumers may not immediately connect a leading battery manufacturer to solar energy.

However, Berks County’s largest employer has played a role in the growth of solar for over 25 years, and only the numbers show that its involvement alongside the industry continues to grow.

“From our launch in the early 1990s through 2021, our potential has grown dramatically, largely due to our previous investments in this developing market,” said Bruce Cole Sr., vice president of industrial sales at East Penn, in written responses to questions about the solar initiatives the company.

However, East Penn will benefit from an expansion of solar power as the company’s Deka batteries have a solar line.

While solar is still an emerging technology in terms of prevalence, East Penn already offers a full portfolio of highly recyclable, lead-based energy storage solutions for the industry.

“As this market has grown exponentially, especially over the past decade, East Penn has been proactive,” said Cole. “We work closely with installers, designers and integrators to keep up with the latest in the industry.

“We have been an industry leader in developing lead-based technologies for partial charge applications to better support renewable energies, including optimizing solar energy. These developments not only help create a safer and highly efficient solution. But also one that is fully supported by a well-established recycling infrastructure.” is sustainable. “

Cole cited a practical example of East Penn’s accomplishments in the solar field, citing the company’s recent work in Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2018.

East Penn was able to use a new solar array to power homes in a remote part of the island that had been without power for eight months.

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“The other endeavor that we are very proud of is our commitment to the industry and our certifications,” said Cole.

“It’s great to produce a high-performing product, but it’s just as important to educate users on how to maximize their investment,” he said. “The East Penn team has trained users in over 31 countries to install and use their solar energy needs safely.”

Investing in sustainability and renewable energy are areas that East Penn frequently advertises.

The company prides itself on its closed-loop system, which recycles almost 100% of all batteries it makes while leaving no emissions to air and water.

East Penn is also working to develop a number of advances in various renewable energy industries for consumer-facing markets including, of course, solar.

“We are in constant communication with our customers to identify urgent and growing market needs,” said Cole.

“In 2018 we made a significant investment in the future by building our state-of-the-art innovation center,” he said. “There is a large research and development team at this center that is continuously developing ways to push the boundaries of battery technology and improve power efficiency and battery life, which will benefit the solar industry.”

In terms of solar initiatives, East Penn has come a long way from its early niche applications. The Deka brand has made a name for itself since the company acquired the technology for gel batteries in the mid-1990s.

Now that solar power continues to skyrocket in Pennsylvania, East Penn is at the forefront of that advancement.

“The diverse Deka Solar product line is a leader in the entire world market and is known as a robust, high-quality product that exceeds the requirements of very demanding solar applications,” said Cole.