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When it comes to finding new and interesting places to explore, few establishments in North Carolina better illustrate the best of both worlds than the renovated Landmarks in Carrboro. Renovated in response to the growing business interest in downtown Carrboro, the Landmarks features not only retail outlets but also an eclectic array of restaurants, art galleries, movie theaters, craft beer stores, live entertainment, gift shops, pubs, bars, kid-friendly cafes, and much more. Known for its down-to-earth vibe, Carrboro is an extremely friendly town full of small independent shops, artisan food stores, holistic health food stores, and organic grocery shops like the storied Cat’s Cradle organic grocery store. The Arts Center presents various independent artistic performances, creative exhibitions, and groundbreaking works, and the Carrboro Farmers’ Market provides locals and visitors with freshly picked fruit, vegetables, honey, wine, juices, cheeses, bread, baked goods, and other local produce. Artsy coffee shops, laid-back farm-to-market restaurants, and artistic studios are clustered around Main Street and throughout the city.


In keeping with the community spirit, Landmarks in Carrboro NC is home to one of the country’s longest running art galleries, the Arts Council of North Carolina. Established in 1986 by former theater actors, the Arts Council of North Carolina is the state’s oldest non-profit arts organization. Through Landmarks in Carrboro, patrons can enjoy many activities, including the “Annual Art Walk,” which highlights art exhibitions and other events. This walking tour highlights local talent and artwork while enjoying the scenery and local food. For those interested in learning about current happenings throughout the community, Landmarks hosts an Art Walk each month, featuring local painters and musicians.


Located in the heart of downtown Carrboro, the Lanes Gallery is among the most popular commercial venues in town. The gallery features both contemporary and local art, with rotating exhibits that change often. Frequently, local businesses offer promotional wares to patrons of the gallery. A trip to the Lanes is sure to leave one feeling enlightened and inspired.


When looking for something a little bit different, one might look to the “Lanes of Light,” a two-story floating light sculpture located on Market Street in Carrboro. It was created by sculptor Jack Sharp during his residency in Carrboro. The piece is made up of more than two hundred individually designed lights. Each individual light is suspended between fifty-two aluminum poles, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. The sculptures are so real that they literally “glow” in the night, casting a warm glow over passersby.


While the “Lanes of Light” is one of several unique installations in the area, it is perhaps most known for being one of the premiere places for art and culture within the greater Carrboro area. Sharp created the piece as an exercise to help him come up with new and exciting concepts. The resulting work of art is sure to be a sight to behold. Just down the street from Lanes of Light, you’ll find the highly acclaimed River Run Gallery, where top paintings have been sold for years. While many visitors consider the selection at this gallery to be excellent, the proximity of the gallery to the Lanes makes it a highly desirable spot as well.


Several other area museums also exist that provide visitors with a glimpse into the rich history of the area. These include the Brimfield Art Museum, which features art that ranges from Prehistoric times to the present day. Another highlight is the Carrboro Historical Society, which has a great deal of information about the area as well as photos and additional artwork. Both the Brimfield Art Museum and the Historical Society are free to visit, but the Brimfield Art Museum is considered one of the best in the area.


Landmarks in Carrboro NC are a good substitute for real places if the local landmarks just do not appeal to you. For instance, you may want to visit the Old Town, which has a beautiful historical landmark that can be considered a point of interest, as well as several other interesting sites and activities. One of the most popular destinations in the area is undoubtedly the Carrboro Commons, which hosts a wide variety of events and activities on a regular basis. You will find everything from concerts, festivals, fairs, movies, to nature programs at this popular venue. In addition, the public library is right down the street from the Commons, so you can enjoy unlimited access to books and publications. If you love history and art, then this is definitely the place to be!


Clearly, there are many landmarks in Carrboro NC to enjoy, whether you are looking for a new home or just looking for a relaxing experience. It is easy to see that the area is growing and changing, with all the new establishments springing up in the area. This only shows that there is no sign of the trend being seen to the south, but rather it continues to grow.


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