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Nov 10

How long will solar panels last?

Solar Panels' Service Life


Photovoltaic (PV) is also referred to as solar panels, are designed to last for more than a year. A lot of panels, which were first installed in the 1980s, continue to perform to their maximum potential. 1. The lifespan of solar panels has grown significantly over the last 20 years. They're extremely reliable. Two of the solar panel makers provide performance warranties with their equipment, and this is in addition to decades of performance testing. 1


Keep in mind that although the panels are designed to last for several years, that does not mean that they will cease producing electricity. It simply means that their production of energy will be reduced by the amount that solar panel makers believe is necessary to satisfy the energy needs of the average American family.

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Are you sure that solar panels break down in time?


As with all technology, solar panels produce less energy with time. The degradation rate refers to the reduction in the power output. The average degradation rate for solar panels is approximately 0.5 percent annually Which means that your solar panel's output of energy will decline by 0.5 percent every year. In 20 years, your solar panels will still be producing approximately 90% of their initial output.

Three ways to prolong the lifespan of the solar panels you have at your home


Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Solar panels don't require frequent cleaning unless the area is particularly susceptible to pollen, dirt, or salt because of the harsh climate. 4


While solar panels require minimal maintenance, it's essential to keep track of and monitor their performance regularly. Here are some suggestions to make sure your solar system is operating optimally.


Tip #1: Make sure you keep your panels free of garbage and other objects that could be dangerous.


The efficiency of your solar panels is affected by pollen, dirt leaves, bird droppings, leaves, and other pollutants. While rain can cleanse your panels, it's still worth considering hiring an expert to complete the task. The panels shouldn't be shaded by trees. This can reduce their efficiency and cause serious damages in the event of an occurrence of a storm.


Contact your solar company immediately If any of these elements causes damage to your solar panels.


Tip #2: Ensure that your panels are regularly checked and maintained.


Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of your Solar Sacramento system, which includes its meters, panels, inverter, and other equipment.


It is also crucial to keep track of any changes in your energy consumption and/or bills.


It could be a sign of an electrical issue.


Tip #3: Choose an experienced solar firm.


Professional solar panels are the most effective method to ensure that your system will last. Solar systems do not require a lot of maintenance. Numerous solar companies provide comprehensive maintenance plans that can last for a long time.


If your panels require more than the normal washing down, or if you need to climb up onto the roof, we highly recommend contacting the solar company you prefer.


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