Sono Motors used THESE to present their next generation prototype for the Sion EV.

Looks far more sophisticated than earlier prototypesThe latest model has been equipped with a number of components that are included in the production model. This includes the chassis and the electric motor.

The most notable change, however, is the improved integration of the solar panels into the body. They no longer protrude like a sore thumb and are intended for production as standard.

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As we move into the cabin, we see a number of changes, including a new infotainment system and a revised digital instrument cluster. One thing that hasn’t changed is this Moss growing in the dashboardwhich is supposed to filter the air and regulate the humidity.

Sono put the moss aside and said they had made a big step forward in terms of the infotainment system and vehicle app. The company didn’t go into too many details, but said we can expect remote access to the air conditioning system as well as live tracking of the amount of solar energy.

The interior is almost standard and the Sion will have heated front seats, cruise control and an audio system with four speakers. We can also expect two USB-C ports and an ambient lighting system.

The Sion is said to have a 35 kWh battery that drives an electric motor with an output of 161 PS (120 kW / 163 PS) and a torque of 270 Nm (199 lb-ft). In this way, the car can travel 255 km in the WLTP cycle and reach speeds of up to 140 km / h.

Of course, the EV is also equipped with solar panels with 25,500 euros, with which the vehicle can be charged throughout the day. The fee will vary depending on the conditions, but the company has stated that thanks to the solar panels, Germans can expect a range of up to 35 km per day.

Sono not only showed the new Sion prototype, but also presented a solar trailer. As the name suggests, it is a semi-trailer that has been fitted with solar panels. While the company didn’t say much about the trailer, it found that it underscores the potential use of its solar panels “for various mobility applications.”

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