In our article we are going to tell you all about Loom Solar, what Loom Solar is, who the owner is, how this company started and how it got here in such a short time. Loom Solar itself is a big name and has become India’s No. 1 manufacturer of mono modules. And how much hard work it took to make it into the top 10 solar companies

  • How did the company start?

Loom Solar was founded in 2018 in Faridabad, Haryana, by ex-Luminous manager Amol Anand and his brother Amod Anand. When they both worked in corporate jobs, they looked for an alternative business option, did a lot of research and during that time they got the opportunity to use solar energy. Slowly they started to bring attention to this technology and product through various online channels and it attracted some customers, so they went deeper, took all the information about it and started to enlarge it.

  • What is the company’s job?

Loom Solar is a Haryana-based manufacturing company that manufactures and Lithium battery. Solar panels generate electricity during the day and the lithium battery stores energy that can be used at night or during power outages. The company is a leader in home inverter manufacturing, it also makes online ups from manufacturers, stabilizers, solar products such as solar inverters, solar charge controllers, etc. The Loom Solar brand’s service support in the event of a product failure is amazing. They solve the problem within 24 hours.

  • What are Loom Solar’s products?

Initially, the owner of Loom Solar started producing mono solar panels, now the company produces a lot more products such as solar panels, lithium batteries, DC cables, charge controllers and mounting structures, etc.

  • What are the company’s successes?

The company’s owner says our company has been a profitable business from day one. He worked very hard day and night to reach that height that helped him grow quickly, for which he received Amazon’s Fastest Growing Company of the Year award. and also received the Energy Company of the Year 2021 from MSME and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari ji. Another achievement for Loom Solar is that the company won the prestigious gold and silver award at the 11th annual Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards in the United States of America.

It wasn’t easy for Loom Solar to come here; They did their best to achieve this position and in no time they became India’s No. 1 monopanel manufacturer. This is one of the top 10 solar companies in India.

  • What is the company’s future plan?

The owners of Loom Solar say they are fortunate enough to have such a great opportunity to provide sustainable and reliable energy to every homeowner across India. Your main focus is therefore on creating awareness for this solar energy. So that the common man can benefit from it. This technique is so beautiful that it works wherever the sun is available.

Loom’s future plan is to spread solar energy awareness across India, educate people about the benefits of solar energy and their quest to bring solar energy to every home as it is a one time investment. And further, its growth and importance continues to grow. In addition, Loom Solar is working on introducing new affordable solar solution based products to larger markets.